Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Funny Tweet from Joseph Fauria of the Detroit Lions

I feel bad for anybody with food Poisoning..but reading this tweet from Joseph Fauria made me laugh.

Been sick all day in bed cuz of Food Poisoning. But all my family & friends think it's Good Poisoning! Damnit autocorrect

I think if you are a Detroit Lion, or a fan of the Lions, you need to have a little humor in tough times. It may be a little early to make this prediction but Mr. Joseph Fauria is my dark-horse candidate for Superbowl MVP next year. (Also up for contention, Matthew Stafford, Reggie Bush, Calvin Johnson and Suuuuuuuuuuuuh)   Go Lions!!!     

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Poll Shows Voters Prioritize Education

Education Picture

Is Education the Most Important Factor in Deciding Who You Will Vote For? 
American voters recognize that the U.S. is falling behind other countries when it comes to education and want their political leaders to make education a higher priority, according to a national opinion survey released today by The Center for the Next Generation.

The Center for the Next Generation's "Survey of American Voters' Attitudes on Education and Global Competitiveness" found pessimism about the state of U.S. education. Despite giving leaders low marks on education, voters say restoring America's leadership in education and increasing investments in education should be a top priority for the next President, the next Congress, and their states' governors.

Emphasizing voters' pessimism about America's education landscape, a majority of voters (52 percent) think that the next Bill Gates will come from another country and 47 percent think the scientist who cures cancer will come from another country.

A strong majority of voters across party lines say they would be willing to pay more in taxes and reduce spending in other areas if the funds were dedicated to K-12 education programs. Voters' willingness to personally pay more comes from a strong belief that the U.S. should be a world leader in education and that it is critical that the U.S. keep up with other countries.

"In a country renowned for its science and technology prowess, it is telling so many Americans think the next Bill Gates or the person driving the next cancer breakthrough won't come from the U.S." said Matt James, President of The Center for the Next Generation. "But that doesn't mean they've given up. Voters want our political leaders to invest in education to ensure we properly educate and prepare the Next Generation to be successful in today's global economy."

Key findings from the nationwide survey of voters include:
  • A 46 percent plurality of voters believe that the U.S. is behind other countries with growing economies - like China and India - when it comes to providing programs to help children get ahead. 
  • More than three in four voters (78 percent) say that restoring America's leadership and increasing investments in education should be a top or high priority for the next President.  For their state's Governor, 77 percent say it should be a top or high priority, and 72 percent want Congress to make this a top or high priority.
  • By more than 2 to 1, voters say they are very or somewhat willing to pay more in taxes if the funds are dedicated to K-12 education programs, including 81 percent of Democrats, 59 percent of independents, and 57 percent of Republican voters.  Similarly, voters by a 2 to 1 margin say they are very or somewhat willing to pay more in taxes AND reduce spending in other areas if the funds are dedicated to K through 12 education programs.
  • An overwhelming 72 percent majority of voters strongly agree that the U.S. should be a world leader in education (rate 10 - strongly agree, on a 1-10 scale).  Similarly, 68 percent of voters strongly agree that while we want other countries to be educating their workforce, it is critical that the U.S. keep up. Fifty-three percent of voters strongly agree that we need to increase investment in our education system so that children will have the best opportunities for educational success (rate 10 - strongly agree, on a 1-10 scale). 
  • Just four percent of voters would give their leaders in Congress a gold medal for their job performance on education, 11 percent would give them a silver medal, and 28 percent would give them a bronze.  A 45 percent plurality of voters said leaders on Congress would fail to qualify for a medal (and six percent volunteered they wouldn't even let them compete).
  • Just over one third of voters think the next Bill Gates will come from the U.S. (35 percent), while 52 percent say he or she will come from another country;
  • Less than one-third of voters think that the scientist who cures cancer will come from the U.S. (31 percent), while 47 percent say he or she will come from another country;
To view the poll, visit: www.tcng.org/competition-that-matters
The survey was released in conjunction with a Center for the Next Generation and Center for American Progress joint report, "The Competition that Really Matters: Comparing U.S., Chinese and Indian Investments in the Next Generation Workforce," which finds that China, India and several European countries have made it a national priority to dramatically improve educational outcomes of their students while the U.S. has been far less ambitious.

The report finds that in an era when the Next Generation will be expected to compete for jobs in a global economy, America's commitment to education is waning while the growing economies of China and India are investing more than ever. The study underscores how America's global competitiveness is being threatened by a lack of focus on preparing our Next Generation for what is an increasingly global market for jobs, industries and economic sectors.

What will influence your vote the most this year? 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

Here are some Twitter, Facebook and Google+'s that made me smile.

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Funny Picture of airline stewardess serving food
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Corn without sunscreen

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Car drove through brick wall at drive thru pharmacy
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 Instead of LOL try LSIMHBIWFEFMTALOL = Laughing silently in my head because it wasn't funny enough for me to actually laugh out loud.

I don't care if it's 4 A.M. I don't consider it "tomorrow" until I wake up.

When somebody says "It's getting hot in here" I automatically think, "So take off all your clothes". 

What do you mean, my birth certificate expired? 

In bed, it's 6AM you close your eyes for 5 minutes, it's 7:45. At school it's 1:30, close your eyes for 5 minutes, it's 1:31 

Two days is not enough time for a weekend. 

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Racist Southern Baptist Church Members Stop Wedding

PHOTO: Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson, a Jackson couple says the church where they planned to get married turned them away because they are black.
Photo Courtesy of WLBT/AP Photo
Are some Southern Baptists in Mississippi living back in the 1800's?  Apparently so.

Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson are now happily married no thanks to some of the congregants of the First Baptist Church in Crystal Springs, Mississippi.

The couple, attendees of the First Baptist Church for over a year, were told just two days before they were to be married that members of the church had persuaded Pastor Stan Weatherford to not marry them in the church that they attended.

Although not official members they were planning to join after the wedding in part because Te'Andrea Wilson's uncle is an employee of the church, and her father is a member.

What possible reason would a church turn away these soon to be members just days before they were to celebrate one of the happiest days of their lives? Was it because they were not compatible. No. Was it because they could not afford to rent the space? Absolutely not. I'll tell you why they were turned down, it was because they were African American. What? Yes, They were denied being married because of the color of their skin.

No, that can't be right. Yes it is...This couple had to relocate there wedding to a Methodist Church down the road because since the Church was founded in 1883 there has never been a black wedding.

Pastor Stan Weatherford feared that if conducted the wedding he would lose his job because many of the members did not want the Wilson's wedding to be first African American wedding held at the church.

Dear Pastor: Seriously? How can you lead if you don't have a voice? How can you walk if you don't have a spine? How can you see what's right if you are to busy listening to the voices of prejudice that you are apparently surrounded by. Take a stand. Pastors, leaders, parents and teachers are faced with many challenges that shape there lives. Apparently you have taken on the shape of a slimy amoeba. Yes amoeba's have no shape but I digress.

Here are a few recent statements from Charles Wilson.

"My 9-year-old was going to the church with us. How would you say to your 9-year-old daughter, 'We cannot get married here because guess what sweetie, we're black'?" said Charles Wilson in an interview with ABC's Jackson affiliate, WAPT-TV. When talking to USA Today Charles Wilson stated, "I feel like it was blatant racial discrimination."

When I woke up this morning I looked at my calendar and could have sworn it said 2012 and not 1812. What was wrong in the 1800's is still wrong today.  

Dear readers: I wanted to write about this last weekend when I learned what happened but figured that it was always best not to write an article in anger...Well, I waited all this time and guess what, I am still very, very angry. In fact, I am probably even angrier.

I am curious..what do you think? Please leave your comments below. 

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Should non-citizens be allowed to carry a concealed gun?

The Second Amendment Foundation has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of a Canadian citizen who is a legal resident of Missouri, challenging that state's statutory prohibition on the carrying of concealed firearms by non-citizens.

The case seeks to overturn the state's non-citizen concealed carry ban on constitutional grounds, specifically the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause. The plaintiff is Edward F. Plastino, a Canadian citizen and Status Indian, based on his partial Chippewa heritage. He has lived primarily in this country since 1995, and in Missouri since 2006. SAF and Plastino are represented by attorneys Matthew Singer of St. Louis and David Sigale of Glen Ellyn, Ill.

"This is a case similar to our successful lawsuits against the City of Omaha and Washington State, and our current action in New Mexico, challenging local gun laws that discriminate against legal resident aliens," said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb. "Mister Plastino can legally carry a firearm openly in Missouri, but he cannot legally conceal a firearm for personal protection. That simply does not make sense."

Plastino was in Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina and its immediate aftermath, but his employer transferred him to St. Louis and then to St. Charles, Mo.

"Mr. Plastino would carry a concealed firearm for personal protection," Gottlieb said, "except that he realizes he could face prosecution, fine and imprisonment, and other repercussions because he is a non-citizen."

Defendants in the case are Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster and St. Charles County Sheriff Tom Neer, in their respective official capacities.

"Mr. Plastino has lived and worked in the United States for more than a decade," Gottlieb noted. "His case represents the plight of untold numbers of legal resident aliens who have demonstrated their willingness to be good members of their communities and abide by our laws. It seems only right to allow them the same protections as our citizens against people who do not abide by our laws."

What do you think, should he be allowed to carry a concealed weapon or should that right only apply to naturalized citizens?    

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stockton Police Chief allegedly used Diploma Mill

Blair Urling Accused of Using Diploma Mill Photo Courtesy of  Recordnet.com

This has been a weird week here in Spokane WA where I live. Our Mayor, David Condon, who is doing a great job in his first couple hundred of days in office has had a few setbacks recently in his search for a new Police Chief. 

Last week the search team narrowed down their search to four candidates and it is now down to three because Blair Urling,  the former Police Chief of  Stockton California,  submitted a resume that stated he graduated from La Salle University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Administration of Justice in 1997 and a Master of Science in Law Enforcement Management in 2002. His resume states that he graduated Summa cum Laude.

Unfortunately for Urling, the "real" La Salle University (the Catholic University in Philadelphia) doesn't offer those degrees and diploma mill experts believe it's a fake and could have been purchased for as little as a two thousand dollars for both a bachelors and advanced degree.

In 1996 the FBI raided the fake LaSalle University and found 3 faculty members for the 15,000 students that were, uh, earning a degree. 

The Tmes-Picayune in New Orleans reported that Thomas James Kirk, who ran the LaSalle diploma mill, received about $36 million from churning out fake degrees. Prosecutors convicted Kirk of 18 federal crimes, including mail fraud and tax violations.

The funny thing is Urling probably had no idea that in Spokane we had fired a bunch of police officers for using phony degrees to advance their career. Fortunately for the citizens of any city in which he applies in the future he is going to have a tough time finding a job as a Police Chief because this lie will be easily found with a simple Google search.

Stockton, which many argue is the armpit of California, has recently filed for bankruptcy and in need of money.  Do you think that they should sue him for some of his back pay? Do you think that civil or even criminal charges should be brought against him or do you think that the broke city of Stockton should just let bygones be bygones? I am really curious to hear what you think.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Supreme Court will Review Edie Windsor’s Challenge to “Defense of Marriage Act”

 DOMA Cases are being reviewed

Edith “Edie” Windsor, who sued the government for failing to recognize her marriage to her late spouse, Thea Spyer, asked the U.S. Supreme Court today to hear her challenge to the so-called “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA).

The petition for certiorari was filed on Windsor’s behalf by her attorneys at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP, the American Civil Liberties Union, the New York Civil Liberties Union and the Stanford Law School Supreme Court Litigation Clinic.

In June, a federal district judge in New York ruled in Windsor’s favor that section three of DOMA unconstitutionally discriminates against married same-sex couples. The Justice Department and the leadership of the House of Representatives recently asked the Supreme Court to hear DOMA challenges in two other cases, including a case, like Windsor’s, that is still pending in a federal appeals court.

“With Edie’s case and the two others, the high court has before it striking illustrations of the many different harms that DOMA inflicts on many thousands of married same-sex couples all across the country,” said James Esseks, director of the ACLU Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Project. “Edie and Thea got married after making a life-long commitment to each other, and it’s just wrong for the government to pretend that they were legal strangers.”

Windsor and Spyer lived together for more than four decades in Greenwich Village. Despite not being able to marry legally, they were engaged in 1967. In 1977, Spyer was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and Windsor helped her through her long battle with that disease. They were finally legally married in May 2007.

When Spyer died in 2009, she left all of her property to Windsor. Because they were married, Spyer's estate normally would have passed to Edie as her spouse without any estate tax. But because of DOMA, Windsor had to pay more than $363,000 in federal estate taxes. Payment of the federal estate tax by a surviving spouse is one of the most significant adverse impacts of DOMA since the amount owed, as was true in this case, is often quite substantial.

“Edie Windsor, who recently celebrated her 83rd birthday, suffers from a serious heart condition,” said Roberta Kaplan, a partner at Paul Weiss and counsel to Windsor. “Because the District Court’s ruling in her favor is entitled to an automatic stay of enforcement, Edie cannot yet receive a refund of the unconstitutional estate tax that she was forced to pay simply for being gay. The constitutional injury inflicted on Edie should be remedied within her lifetime.”

“The impact of DOMA is felt most dramatically today here in New York,” said NYCLU executive director Donna Lieberman.  “At least 10,000 same-sex couples have been married in New York since our marriage law went into effect. But DOMA subjects gay and lesbian married New Yorkers to a form of second-class citizenship. All married couples should have their marriages respected by the federal government, once and for all.”

In the meantime, Windsor will continue to defend her victory before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, which has agreed to hear her case on an expedited basis.

More on this case can be found at the ACLU website.

Read the full petition here.