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Political Website: Political Fly

Political Fly
Hello, fellow political nerds and those interested in preserving civil rights. We have created a new,  political website called Political Fly We urge you to visit and look at an area that will focus on civil liberties. The area consists of 15 categories and we believe it will provide an unbiased look at many of the most important political issues right now. Political Fly is still growing so please be patient, it takes a lot of time to add content.

We have sections in government, political theory, and international relations. In the government section, you can look up your federal representative's contact information, learn about the presidents, watch political commercials and much more. In the political theory section, you are able to read a free downloadable book from a political theorist like Thomas Hobbes or Plate and read papers written about political theory. In the international relations section, you can read up on papers concerning America's place in the …